Gripper® Mechanical Plugs


  • Plug is rated for 17 PSI or 40 ft. of head pressure
  • Extra large zinc wing nut for ease of tightening, no wrench required
  • Natural rubber O-ring for excellent expansion and memory
  • ABS glass-reinforced plates for added strength
  • Zinc-Plated carriage bolt resists rust and corrosion

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
270210 1-1/2" End of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527021310.100 LB
270229 2"End of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527022010.150 LB
270237 3" End of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527023710.300 LB
270245 4" End of Pipe Gripper® Plug 67511527024410.500 LB
2702536" Inside of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527025111.600 LB
270261 6" End of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527026811.650 LB
270270 8" End of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527027512.550 LB
2702888" Inside of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527028212.450 LB
2702964" Inside of Pipe Gripper® Plug67511527029910.450 LB

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