No. 95 Tinning Flux

  • Compatible with all common plumbing solder alloys
  • Will not turn copper piping green
  • Good for large diameter copper piping
  • 100% lead-free paste flux cleans and fluxes copper piping to provide uniform solder flow
  • Added tinning powder helps to pre-tin piping
  • Petroleum base provides cleaning effectiveness
  • Material is safe for use in potable water applications

*Some of these products are currently unavailable for sale in Canada. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
48356 48 g#95 TINN FLUX FREN/ENG - carded038753483566120.250 LB
48430 48 g#95 TINN FLUX 12 PAK CAN038753484303120.167 LB
48432226 g#95 TINNING FLUX CANADIAN038753484327240.584 LB
48433454 g#95 TINNING FLUX CANADIAN038753484334121.165 LB

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