Steel Deflection Gauges


  • Durable, zinc-plated construction resists corrosion
  • Conforms to mandrel sizing specification-blade length is equal to or greater than the nominal pipe size
  • Nine-arm design ensures testing accuracy
  • Open design allows gravel and debris pass-through

Need Acrobat?

Need Acrobat?

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
286008DEFL.GAUGE, 6" FIXED SDR26 5%67511528600911.000 LB
286018DEFL.GAUGE, 8" FIXED SDR26 5%67511528601614.000 LB
286028DEFL.GAUGE, 10" FIXED SDR26 5%67511528602310.100 LB
286038DEFL.GAUGE, 12" FIXED SDR26 5%675115286030112.100 LB
286048DEFL. GAUGE, 15" FIXED SDR26 5%675115286047140.000 LB
286068DEFL.GAUGE, 6" FIXED SDR35 5%67511528606115.060 LB
286078DEFL. GAUGE, 8" FIXED SDR35 5%67511528607816.960 LB
286088DEFL. GAUGE, 10" FIXED SDR35 5%67511528608511.000 LB
286098DEFL. GAUGE, 12" FIXED SDR35 5%67511528609211.000 LB
286108DEFL.GAUGE,15" FIXED SDR35 5%675115286108114.300 LB
286118DEFL. GAUGE, 18" FIXED F679 5%67511528611516.800 LB
286278DEFL. GAUGE, 21" FIXED F679 5%675115286276120.900 LB

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