Ice Maker Outlet Valves

  • Can be used in commercial or residential applications which require supply valves recessed into the wall.
  • Available water hammer arrestor option provides water pressure shock arrestors required for installation on supply line to quick closing valves.
  • Provides quick, safe water supply and shut-off for refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser.
  • Box made of high impact polystyrene
  • 2 support brackets

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
No Hammer Low Lead
39171IMOB Valve, Boiler Drain, Copper, Low Lead 03875339171710.450 LB
39173IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, F1960 Low Lead 03875339173112.000 LB
39174 IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Low Lead03875339174812.000 LB
39175IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Low Lead 03875339175511.500 LB
39176 IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Low Lead03875339176211.000 LB
Hammer Low Lead
39166IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Hammer, Low Lead03875339166310.800 LB
39167IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Hammer, Low Lead 03875339167010.700 LB
39168IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Hammer, Low Lead03875339168711.200 LB
39169IMOB Valve, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Hammer, Low Lead 03875339169411.500 LB
387691/2"Grommets 1/2" 038753387697120.083 LB
387791/2"Adapter 1/2" Female NPT X 1/2" Copper 03875338779610.083 LB
388291/2"Locknut 1/2" Plastic 038753388298240.010 LB

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