• Preloaded nails.
  • Right or left hand installation.
  • Provides quick, safe water supply and shut-off for refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser.
  • Valves comply with requirements of NSF 61, Section 9.
  • No support bracket needed.
  • Box Dimensions: 3-1/4"W x 4"H x 2-1/2"D
  • Faceplate Dimensions: 5"W x 6"H.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
No Hammer Low Lead
39114I2K 1/4 TURN F1807 1/2 STANDARD LL DISPLAY03875339114460.810 LB
39130 I2K, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Low Lead - Display Pack03875339130440.787 LB
39132 I2K, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Low Lead - Contractor Pack038753391328120.900 LB
39133I2K, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Low Lead - Standard Pack 03875339133560.800 LB
39134 I2K, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Low Lead - Standard Pack03875339134260.800 LB
39135I2K, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Low Lead - Contractor Pack 038753391359120.600 LB
39136I2K, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Low Lead - Standard Pack 03875339136660.550 LB
39137I2K, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Low Lead - Contractor Pack 038753391373120.800 LB
39138I2K, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Low Lead - Contractor Pack 038753391380120.800 LB
39139I2K, Boiler Drain, Copper, Low Lead, NAFTA - Standard Pack 03875339139760.800 LB
Hammer Low Lead
39125I2K, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Hammer, Low Lead - Contractor Pack038753391250120.700 LB
39126I2K, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Hammer, Low Lead - Contractor Pack038753391267120.800 LB
39127I2K, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Hammer, Low Lead - Contractor Pack038753391274120.800 LB
39128 I2K, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Hammer, Low Lead - Contractor Pack038753391281120.800 LB
38619I2K, Plain Box, No Valves - Standard Pack 03875338619560.500 LB
386212"I2K, Plastic Faceplate 1/2" Deep038753386218120.150 LB
386221"I2K, Plastic Faceplate 1" Deep038753386225120.800 LB
Type Title
Submittal I2K® Ice Maker Box with Nails
Submittal i2k submittal

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