End-Cap™ Test Caps

  • Oatey End-Cap Test Caps are a solvent weld test cap designed for hydrostatic pressure testing up to 17 PSI or 40' head pressure.
  • End-Cap Test Caps deep design provides extra sealing strength.
  • End-Cap Test Caps can be used on Schedule 40 ABS or PVC DWV piping.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
33468 1-1/2End-Cap™ Test Cap0387533346841000.090 LB
334691-1/2"End-Cap™ Test Cap0387533346911000.025 LB
33470 2"End-Cap™ Test Cap0387533347071000.006 LB
334712"End-Cap™ Test Cap0387533347141000.025 LB
33472 3"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334721500.050 LB
334733"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334738500.050 LB
33474 4"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334745200.050 LB
334754"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334752200.050 LB
334766"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334769100.550 LB
334776"End-Cap™ Test Cap038753334776100.550 LB
39105 1-1/2"End Cap w/Barcode038753391052250.020 LB
391062"End Cap w/Barcode038753391069250.030 LB
391073"End Cap w/Barcode038753391076250.050 LB
391084"End Cap w/Barcode038753391083250.075 LB
Type Title
Submittal End-Cap™ Test Cap

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