Pillow-Style Test-Ball


  • Equipped with a special 30' inflation hose, read-back line and gauge
  • A repair kit is available to fix small tears and punctures

Need Acrobat?

Need Acrobat?

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
277108TEST-BALL PLUG, 15" URETHANE675115277106118.650 LB
277118TEST-BALL PLUG,18" URETHANE675115277113128.000 LB
277128TEST-BALL PLUG, 20" URETHANE675115277120128.000 LB
277134TEST-BALL PLUG, 21" URETHANE675115277137128.000 LB
277142TEST-BALL PLUG, 24" URETHANE675115277144121.000 LB
277150TEST-BALL PLUG, 27" URETHANE675115277151131.050 LB
277169 TEST-BALL PLUG, 30" URETHANE675115277168140.000 LB
277177TEST-BALL PLUG, 33" URETHANE675115277175141.000 LB
277185TEST-BALL PLUG, 36" URETHANE675115277182153.950 LB
277193TEST-BALL PLUG, 42" URETHANE675115277199158.000 LB
277207TEST-BALL PLUG, 48" URETHANE675115277205148.000 LB
277215TEST-BALL PLUG, 54" URETHANE675115277212174.000 LB
277223TEST-BALL PLUG, 60" URETHANE675115277229186.000 LB
277231TEST-BALL PLUG, 66" URETHANE675115277236187.000 LB

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