Original Big Mouth


  • Large male NPT threaded bypass
  • Equipped with removable 3/8" eye bolt for lifting and lowering with a poly-lift line
  • Removable tire valve allows for easy replacement
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass

Need Acrobat?

Need Acrobat?

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
369068PLUG, 6" THD, BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS67511536906111.000 LB
369088PLUG, 8" THD, BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS67511536908511.000 LB
369108PLUG,10",BIG MOUTH,LG BYPASS67511536910811.000 LB
369128PLUG, 12" BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS675115369122122.500 LB
369158PLUG, 15" BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS675115369153137.500 LB
369188PLUG, 18" BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS67511536918411.000 LB
369218PLUG, 21" BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS675115369214145.000 LB
369248PLUG, 24" BIG MOUTH, LG BYPASS675115369245150.300 LB
374068PLUG, 6-10" BIG MOUTH w/4" BYPASS675115374065116.100 LB
374088PLUG, 8-12" BIG MOUTH w/4" BYPASS675115374089122.000 LB
376088PLUG, 8-12" BIG MOUTH, w/6" BYPASS67511537608310.500 LB
376128PLUG, 12-18" BIG MOUTH, w/6" BYPASS675115376120142.000 LB
378128PLUG, 12-18" BIG MOUTH w/8" BYPASS67511537812411.000 LB

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