Flex-Flash™ No-Calk® Roof Flashings

  • 100% flexible, foldable plastic base.
  • Self-sealing collar slides over pipe and requires no caulking.
  • Plastic base for pitch from 0-45° or up to 12/12 roof.
  • Rated 180°F continuous heat and approved for Type B installations.
  • Do not use petroleum based products or paint on flashing collar or plastic base. Not for hot-mopped or built-up roofs.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
140091.25" – 1.5"Flex-Flash™ 9" x 11" base038753140094120.400 LB
14012 2"Flex-Flash™ 9" x 11" base038753140124120.379 LB
14025 2.5"Flex-Flash™ 10" x 13.25" base038753140254120.483 LB
140383"Flex-Flash™ 10" x 13.25" base038753140384120.460 LB
140414"Flex-Flash™ 11.5" x 14" base038753140414120.558 LB
Type Title
Submittal Flex-Flash™Roof Flashings

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