Backwater Accessories

  • Designed as a sewage check valve to prevent pumped water from flowing back into the basin.
  • Assembly includes threaded cover to allow for access and valve flapper which seals closed while not in use.
  • Made of PVC or ABS plastic, backwater valve can be solvent welded to piping.
  • Oatey Backwater Valves can accommodate access sleeves made of Schedule 40 pipe.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
439153"PVC threaded cap03875343915010.650 LB
439163"ABS threaded cap03875343916710.410 LB
439184"PVC threaded cap03875343918111.045 LB
439194"ABS threaded cap03875343919810.752 LB
439216"PVC threaded cap03875343921111.903 LB
439226"ABS threaded cap03875343922810.020 LB
439243"PVC flapper w/ "O" ring03875343924210.110 LB
439253"ABS flapper w/ "O" ring03875343925910.007 LB
439274"PVC flapper w/ "O" ring03875343927310.150 LB
439284"ABS flapper w/ "O" ring03875343928010.126 LB
439296"PVC flapper w/ "O" ring03875343929710.450 LB
439306"ABS flapper w/ "O" ring03875343930310.437 LB
Type Title
Submittal Backwater Valves

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