Dearborn Brass

Floor And Ceiling Plates/Iron Pipe Sizes

  • Made of metal
  • Chrome-plated finish
  • Fits 2 in. tubing
  • Iron pipe sized

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
5350FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,3/8"IPS,041193054456120.042 LB
5350HPL F/C 3/8 IPS041193120144120.100 LB
5351FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,1/2"IPS,041193054463120.045 LB
5351HPL F/C .5 IPS041193120175120.079 LB
5352FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,3/4"IPS,041193054470120.050 LB
5352HPL F/C 3/4 IPS041193120199120.083 LB
5353 FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,1"IPS,BU041193054487120.066 LB
5353HPL F/C 1 IPS041193120212120.090 LB
5354FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,1-1/4"IP041193054494120.061 LB
5354HPL F/C 1-1/4 IPS041193120236120.110 LB
5355FLOOR & CEILING PLATE,1-1/2"IP041193054500120.050 LB
5355HPL F/C 1.5 IPS041193120250120.120 LB
53562 IN F C PLATE041193102379120.080 LB
5356HPL F/C 2 IPS041193120274120.180 LB
5357HPL F/C 2.5 IPS041193120298120.200 LB
5358HPL F/C 3 IPS041193120304120.185 LB
5359HPL F/C 3.5 IPS041193120311120.300 LB
5360HPL F/C 4 IPS041193120328120.542 LB
HD5351C F&C PLATE 1/2"IPS CHR PLT041193041319200.100 LB
HD5354C FLANGE, HINGED 1-1/4 in041193038975120.079 LB
HD5356C F&C PLATE, 2" IPS041193025845120.100 LB
Type Title
Submittal DBHL IPE Floor and Ceiling Plates

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