Level Fit Long Pattern Closet Flange

  • Solvent welds inside of 4" or over 3" Schedule 40 DWV pipe.
  • Longer length to allow for pipes cut short.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
435223-4"LNG PAT LVL FLNG W/CAP ABS03875343522060.520 LB
43523 3-4"LG PATT LVL FLNG W/CAP PVC03875343523760.767 LB
43524 3-4"LG PAT LVL FLNG W/O CP ABS03875343524460.650 LB
43525 3-4"LG PAT LVL FLNG W/O CP PVC03875343525161.150 LB
435323"-4"ABS LG PAT FLNG RNG W/CAP038753435329122.000 LB
435333"-4"PVC LG PAT FLNG RNG W/CAP03875343533662.000 LB
435343-4"ABS LG PAT FLNG RNG W/O CP03875343534362.000 LB
435353-4"PVC LG PAT FLNG RNG W/O CP03875343535062.000 LB
Type Title
Submittal Long Pattern Flanges