The Eliminator

  • Allows single connection to drain washing machine hose, AC condensate, water softener, discharge and/or humidifier lines.
  • Engineered clamping system to support discharge lines.
  • 4 support brackets.
  • Install in up to 24" stud bay.
  • Top mount knock outs.
  • High impact polystyrene.
  • Box Dimensions: 10-1/2"W x 6-1/4"H x 3-3/4"D.
  • Faceplate Dimensions: 12-3/4"W x 8-3/4"H.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
No Hammer
38630 Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386300122.500 LB
38631Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Top Mount - Standard Pack038753386317122.110 LB
38633 Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386331122.600 LB
38634Eliminator, Single Lever, Copper, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386348123.110 LB
38635Eliminator, Single Lever, F1807, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386355122.110 LB
38637Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386379122.110 LB
38644Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Bottom Mount - Contractor Pack038753386447122.790 LB
38645Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Top Mount - Standard Pack038753386454122.790 LB
38651Eliminator, Single Lever, F1960, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386515122.371 LB
38665ELIMINATOR, 1/4 TRN, F1960, NOHAM, TOP MNT, CONT PK038753386652122.790 LB
38671ELIMINATOR, 1/4 TRN, F1807, NOHAM, TOP MNT, STD PK038753386713122.790 LB
38642 Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Hammer, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386423122.790 LB
38652 Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Hammer, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386522122.790 LB
38655Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, Copper, Hammer, Top Mount - Contractor Pack038753386553122.790 LB
38656Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, CPVC, Hammer, Top Mount - Standard Pack038753386560122.790 LB
38657Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1807, Hammer, Top Mount - Contractor Pack 038753386577123.600 LB
38658Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Hammer, Top Mount - Contractor Pack038753386584122.790 LB
38666Eliminator, Single Lever, F1807, Hammer, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386669126.000 LB
38667Eliminator, Single Lever, F1960, Hammer, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386676126.000 LB
38669Eliminator, 1/4 Turn, F1960, Hammer, Bottom Mount - Standard Pack038753386690123.000 LB
38640Eliminator, Plain Box, No Valves - Contractor Pack038753386409122.110 LB
38646Eliminator, Plastic Steeple Clamp03875338646160.470 LB
38648SBA 12 INCH BRACKETS038753386485120.050 LB
38649Eliminator, Plastic Faceplate038753386492120.330 LB
38768 SBA 4 INCH BRACKETS038753387680120.083 LB

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