Rough-In Products

Count on our rough-in products when you're tackling any plumbing job. Access Panels are great for allowing access to service areas for plumbing, electrical, security systems, telephone, computer cables, sprinkler systems and more. Can be flush or surface mounted. Tub protectors protect tub surfaces from debris during remodel or construction jobs. A wide variety of test caps are also available.

  1. Access Panel
    Access Panel
  2. Foam Closet Wrap
    Foam Closet Wrap
  3. Pipe Guard
    Pipe Guard
  4. Toilet base Plate
    Toilet base Plate
  5. Tub Box
    Tub Box
  6. Tub Protector
    Tub Protector
  7. Quiet Pipes
    Quiet Pipes
  8. Test Caps
    Test Caps