Retro Master Flash® Roof Flashings

  • Retro Master Flashing slides over vent pipe for pitch to 45 degrees
  • Flexible base conforms to most flat or contoured roof surfaces including clay tile and metal roofs
  • Approved for Type B installations
  • Master Boot is made of EPDM and compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light
  • Master Boot is easily customized with a sharp knife or scissors to accommodate a broad range of pipes and vent diameters
  • Continuous Temperature Resistance to 212 F. Intermittent Temperature Resistance to 275 F.
  • Do not use petroleum based products on Retro Master Roof Flashings

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
14049 .25" – 4"Retro Master Flash® 8" x 8" base03875314049010.950 LB
14751 .5" – 4"Retro Master Flash® 8" x 8" base750405147519100.450 LB
14752 4" – 9.25"Retro Master Flash® 8" x 8" base75040514752651.350 LB
14753 9.25" – 16.25"Retro Master Flash® 8" x 8" base75040514753353.470 LB

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