White High Density PTFE Thread Seal Tape


High Density PTFE Tape is a heavy duty industrial grade pipe thread tape made of PTFE. Multi-purpose for use on a wide range of threaded pipe. Nonflammable. Meets Federal Specification T-27730A.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
017077-100HV 1/2X260 HIGH DENSTY PTFE TP0788641707711000.035 LB
017077-24HV 1/2X260 HIGH DENSTY PTFE TP078864170771240.038 LB
017077-BCHV 1/2 x 260 HIGH DENSITY TAPE0788641707711000.035 LB
017122-100HV 1/2X520 HIGH DENSTY PTFE TP0788641712281000.048 LB
017122-24 HV 1/2X520 HIGH DENSTY PTFE TP078864171228240.050 LB
017122-BCHV 1/2 x 520 HIGH DENSITY TAPE0788641712281000.048 LB

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