PTFE Thread Seal Tape


PTFE Thread Seal Tape is made of virgin white PTFE. Economy grade, low density tape. Multi-purpose for use on a wide range of threaded pipe. Nonflammable. Meets Federal Specification T-27730A.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
017031-144HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 X 100 SPOOL0788641703131440.024 LB
017031-500HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 X 100 BULK PK0788641703135000.022 LB
017050-24 HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 100 BOX078864170504240.048 LB
017072-144HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 260 SPOOL0788641707261440.031 LB
017072-24 HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 260 SPOOL078864170726240.031 LB
017072-350HHV 1/2x260 TAPE BAGGED HARVEY0788641707263500.024 LB
017072-500HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 260 SPOOL0788641707265000.028 LB
017072B-144HV PTFETAPE 1/2X260 W/BARCODE0788641707261440.031 LB
017072B-500HV PTFETAPE 1/2X260 W/BARCODE0788641707265000.031 LB
017095-150HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 300 BOX0788641709551500.054 LB
017095-24HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 300 BOX078864170955240.054 LB
017100HV (SPAN) 1/2 x 480 PTFE078864171006120.080 LB
017110HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 X 480 SPOOL0788641711055000.028 LB
017116HV PTFE TAPE BCKT 1/2x520SPL0788641711671440.035 LB
017117-100HV 1/2 x 520 PTFE TAPE CIRCLE0788641711741000.035 LB
017117-144HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 520 SPOOL0788641711741440.038 LB
017117-24 HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 520 SPOOL078864171174240.038 LB
017117-350HHV 1/2x520 TAPE BAGGED HARVEY0788641711743500.031 LB
017117-500HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 520 SPOOL0788641711745000.034 LB
017117BHV PTFETAPE 1/2X520 W/BARCODE0788641711745000.032 LB
017117B-144HV 1/2 x 520 PTFE TPE BAR CODE0788641711741440.032 LB
017140-24HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 600 BOX078864171402240.057 LB
017165-144HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 1296SPOOL0788641716551440.077 LB
017165-24HV PTFE TAPE 1/2 x 1296SPOOL078864171655240.078 LB
017209-144HV 3/4 x 260 PTFE TAPE0788641720961440.061 LB
017209-24HV PTFE TAPE 3/4 x 260 SPOOL078864172096240.061 LB
017209B HV 3/4 x 260 PTFE TPE BARCODED0788641720961440.033 LB
017211HV PTFE TAPE 3/4 X 260 SPOOL078864172119240.061 LB
017212HV PTFE TAPE 3/4X260 SPOOL BKT0788641721261000.037 LB
017230-24HV PTFE TAPE 3/4 x 300 BOX078864172300240.062 LB
017252-144HV PTFE TAPE 3/4 x 520 SPOOL0788641725221440.045 LB
017252-24HV PTFE TAPE 3/4 x 520 SPOOL078864172522240.049 LB
017252B HV PTFETAPE 3/4X520 W/BARCODE0788641725221440.044 LB
017355-144HV PTFE TAPE 1 X 260 SPOOL0788641735501440.042 LB
017355-24HV PTFE TAPE 1 X 260 SPOOL078864173550240.047 LB
017355BHV 1 x 260 PTFE TAPE BARCODED0788641735501440.047 LB
017400-144HV PTFE TAPE 1 X 520 SPOOL0788641740071440.056 LB
017400-24 HV PTFE TAPE 1 X 520 SPOOL078864174007240.063 LB
017400BHV 1 x 520 TAPE BARCODED0788641740071440.063 LB
017475-24HV PTFE TAPE 1 X 1296 SPOOL078864174755240.115 LB

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