PTFE String

PTFE String is made with pure PTFE in string form for gaskets and packing valves; will withstand vibration and high pressure. Recommended for plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, synthetic rubber, nylon, monel, carbon pipe, chemicals, corrosives, Freon 22, hydraulic fluids and aromatic fuels. Same tolerance as PTFE tape.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
020005HV PTFE STRING 3/32 x24 BAG078864200058480.020 LB
020020 HV PTFE STRING 3/32 x 24CARD078864200201120.044 LB
020050HV PTFE STRING 3/32 x 240BAG078864200508240.104 LB
020080HV PTFE STRING 3/32 x 600CUP078864200805120.150 LB
020095HV PTFE STRING 5/32 x 24 BAG078864200959480.032 LB
020125HV PTFE STRING 5/32 x 180CUP078864201253120.212 LB
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