Pipe Thread Compound

Pipe Thread Compound is a non-hardening gray thread compound designed to lubricate and seal threaded joints on metal pipe. Can be used on lines carrying water, steam or air. Do not apply to plastic threads.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
028005-12 HV PIPE THD CMPD 2 OZ TUBE078864280050120.130 LB
028005-144 HV PIPE THREAD CMPD 2 OZ TUBE0788642800501440.162 LB
028005-48 HV PIPE THREAD CMPD 2 OZ TUBE078864280050480.162 LB
028005-C HV 2 OZ PIPE JOINT TUBE CLIP078864280050120.170 LB
028005-DHV PIPE THREAD CMPD 2 OZ TUBE078864280050540.170 LB
029035 HV PIPE THD CMPD 8FL OZ078864290356120.917 LB
029035-DHV PJ CMPD 8FL OZ CORR DISPLAY078864290356300.958 LB
029048HV PIPE THREAD CMPD 1PT B/TJAR078864290486122.083 LB
029050HV PIPE THREAD CMPD 1QT 32OZ007886429050963.745 LB

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