Furnace Cement

Furnace Cement withstands the same temperatures as fire brick for use on coal or wood burning furnaces and stoves. Repairs casting cracks; fills voids in and around furnace and stove parts. Excellent firebrick mortar repair. Furnace can be used immediately. Withstands temperatures up to 3000F and dries to a hard gray finish.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
045005 HV FURNACE CEMENT CARTRIDGE078864450057121.560 LB
045020HV FURNACE CEMENT HARV 1/2 PT078864450200121.182 LB
045050HV FURNACE CEMENT HARV 1 PINT07886445050762.325 LB
045105 HV FURNACE CEMENT HARV 1 QUART07886445050764.536 LB
045155HV FURNACE CEMENT 1 GALLON CAN078864451559417.292 LB
Type Title
MSDS Harvey Furnace Cement

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