Purple Primer

  • Professional grade purple primer for use on all schedules and classes of CPVC and PVC pipe and fittings.
  • Lo-VOC Solvent Cement meets California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) 1168/316A or BAAQMD Method 40 and other environmental requirements.
  • Removes surface dirt, grease and grime, as well as softens the pipe surface to allow a fast, secure solvent weld.
  • Meets ASTM F 656.
  • Purple tint ensures piping has been primed prior to solvent cement application.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
019050-24 HV PURPLE PRIMER 4 OZ078864190502240.333 LB
019050-6 HV PURPLE PRIMER 4 OZ07886419050260.380 LB
019060-24HV PURPLE PRIMER 8 OZ078864190601240.585 LB
019070-12 HV PURPLE PRIMER 16 OZ078864190700121.167 LB
019080-12HV PURPLE PRIMER 32 OZ078864190809122.208 LB
019090GAL HV PURPLE PRIMER - NSF07886419090868.100 LB

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