Plastic Pipe Cable Saw has comfortable plastic hand grips and a 27" rustproof stainless steel cable designed to cut through almost any plastic pipe. It is perfect for in-ground or other tight space repairs -1/4" clearance is all you need.

The smaller Plastic Pipe and Hose Cutter cuts rubber hose and tubing, polyethylene, ABS and PVC pipe up to 1-5/8" O.D. Both cutters offer tough, durable glass-filled nylon handles and replaceable hardened stainless steel blades that retract into handles for safe carrying and handling.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
093040 HV SMALL PIPE AND HOSE CUTTER08290115377160.346 LB
093045 HV REPL BLADE SMALL PIPE/HOSE07886493045060.132 LB
093050HV HOSE-POLUTUBE-PVC PIPE CUTR07886493050460.351 LB
093055 HV (SPAN) HOSE/PIPE CUTTER07886493055960.398 LB
093070 HV PLASTIC PIPE CABLE SAW078864930702120.080 LB
093070-CHV PLASTIC PIPE CABLE SAW078864930702120.080 LB

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