Clamps and Insulators


Pipe Insulators are made of a non-corrosive polyethylene material. Insulate and isolate tubing through studs and floors.

Pipe Clamps are made of a durable polypropylene construction grips, insulates and isolates the tubing from the mounting surface. Pipe Clamps keep the pipe away from the studs to reduce squeaking.

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
014200HV 1/2" HLF CLMP/W NAIL #339000788641420065000.009 LB
014201HV 1/2 INCH HALF CLAMP NAILER07886414201360.200 LB
014210HV 3/4" HLF CLMP/W NAIL #339010788641421055000.013 LB
014211HV 3/4 IN HALF CLAMP NAILER BG07886414211260.208 LB
014220HV 1" HLF CLMP W/NAIL #339020788641422042500.013 LB
014260 HV 1/2 INSUL SUSPENSION CLAMP0788641426001000.010 LB
014261 HV 1/2 INCH INSUL SUSP CLAMP07886414261760.100 LB
014270HV 3/4 INSUL SUSPENSION CLAMP0788641427091000.012 LB
014271HV 3/4 INCH INSUL SUSP CLAMP07886414271660.115 LB
014280 HV 1/2 PIPE INSULATORS #3395007886414280810000.023 LB
014281HV 1/2 INCH PIPE INSULATOR BAG07886414281560.183 LB
014290HV 3/4 PIPE INSULATORS #339510788641429072500.018 LB
014291HV 3/4" PIPE INSLTR BG #3395407886414291460.167 LB
014300HV 2 HOLE PIPE CLMP 1/2"#339400788641430035000.010 LB
014301HV 1/2 INCH 2 HOLE PIPE CLAMP07886414301060.104 LB
014310HV 2 HOLE PIPE CLAMP 3/4 INCH07886414310210000.014 LB

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