Harvey Heat Antifreeze

Harvey Heat Arctic Grade. Inhibited pure concentrate version of Harvey Heat-100A for aluminum. Contains over 98% actives. Contains 94% to 96% pure Propylene Gylcol with built-in inhibitor package to prevent corrosion. Safe for all systems containing plastic, vinyl or rubber components. Freight and space saver. Dilutes with water.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
016900HV ARCTIC GRADE ANTIFREEZE 550788641690031500.000 LB
016905 HV ARCTIC GRADE ANTIFREEZE078864169058145.137 LB
016906HV 100% PROPLYENE 55 GAL0788641690651500.000 LB
016907HV 100% PROPYLENE GLYCOL 5 GAL078864169072145.100 LB
016908HV ARCTIC GRADE ANTIFREEZE FOR0788641690891505.000 LB
016910HV ARCTIC GRADE ANTIFREEZE07886416910269.356 LB
016920 HV ANTIFREEZE INHIBITOR BOOST078864169201121.000 LB
Type Title
MSDS Harvey Heat Antifreezes

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