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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
090170HV SINK PLUNGER PLASTIC GREEN07886490170280.618 LB
090240 HV CURB PLUNGER 4 INCH WITH07886490240260.200 LB
090242HV CURB PLUNGER 4 W/BRASS07886490242660.200 LB
090250HV DESIGNER PLUNGER ASST078864902501121.000 LB
090260HV RED 6 INCH PLUNGER WITH07886490260061.000 LB
090265HV BLUE 6 INCH PLUNGER WITH07886490265561.000 LB
090270HV GREEN 6 INCH PLUNGER WITH07886490270961.000 LB
090275HV GRAY 6 INCH PLUNGER WITH07886490275461.000 LB
090288 HV MIGHTY MINI 4 INCH PLUNGER078864902884120.344 LB
090290 HV FORCE CUP PLUNGER RED RUBR078864902907120.764 LB
090295 HV FORCE CUP PLUNGER BLK FUNNL078864902952121.194 LB
090300 HV POWER PLUNGER BLK 21 YELLOW07886490300361.583 LB
090300-DHV POWER PLUNGER DISPLAY PACK078864903003301.467 LB
090300-MHV POWER PLUNGER WITH LABEL07886490300361.500 LB
090310 HV PLUNGER RED 4 1/2 INCH CUP078864903102240.623 LB
090320 HV PLUNGER RED 4 1/2 INCH WITH078864903201120.667 LB
090330 HV PLUNGER 6 INCH RED CUP WITH078864903300120.792 LB
090340 HV PLUNGER 6 INCH BLACK FUNNEL078864903409121.417 LB
090345 HV PLUNGER CADDY WITH PLUNGER07886490345442.000 LB
090350HV MIGHTY MINI 4 INCH RED DESI07886490350860.436 LB
090360 HV MIGHTY MINI 4 INCH BLUE DES07886490360760.443 LB
090365 HV MIGHTY MINI SNK PLNGR ASST078864903652120.438 LB
090370HV MIGHTY MINI 4 INCH GREEN DE07886490370660.438 LB
090375HV MIGHTY MINI 4 INCH GRAY DES07886490375160.438 LB

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