Dearborn Brass

Flanges/Low Pattern Chrome Plated

  • Chrome plated
  • 7/8 in. O.D. opening accommodates CTS tubing (sold separately)
  • Use to cover a wall opening where tubing penetrates
  • Compatible with copper pipes (sold separately)

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
1097503/8" O.D. for 1/4" Nom041193107008500.025 LB
1098501/2" O.D. for 3/8" Nom041193107015500.010 LB
1099 505/8" O.D. for 1/2" Nom041193102058500.025 LB
1099A 507/8" O.D. For 3/4" Nom Copper041193102065500.025 LB
1099AB2507/8" O.D. For 3/4" Nom0411931070462500.010 LB
1099B 2505/8" O.D. For 1/2" Nom0411931070532500.050 LB
1100 503/8" NPT041193032294500.010 LB
1100B2503/8" NPT0411931073122500.025 LB
1101 501/2" NPT041193102072500.025 LB
1101A503/4" NPT041193102089500.025 LB
1101AA501" NPT041193107343500.032 LB
1101B2501/2" NPT0411931073502500.025 LB
1102501-1/4" O.D.041193107367500.025 LB
1104501-1/2" O.D.041193107374500.025 LB
1104A502" O.D.041193107381500.025 LB
1105501-1/4" NPT041193102096500.025 LB
1106 501-1/2" NPT041193107404500.025 LB
1106A502" NPT041193107411500.025 LB
1106B 2501-1/2" NPT0411931074282500.025 LB
H1099AESCUTCHEON 7/8" FLAT CHR PLTD041193025838120.300 LB
HD72C201-1/4" O.D. Tube, Bagged041193005557120.025 LB
HD73C201/2" O.D. Tube, Bagged041193005601120.200 LB
HD76C 205/8" O.D. for 1/2" Nom Copper, Bagged041193005700200.030 LB
Type Title
Submittal DBHL Flanges - Low Pattern

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