Dearborn Brass

Bar Sink Strainers

  • Dearborn Brass 3785A Brass Bar Sink Strainer with Crumb Cup is manufactured of a brass body and stainless steel crumb cup basket with handle.
  • This product is ideal for installation in residential 2" bar sinks.
  • Durable stainless steel basket with handle.

Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
3784 12Junior Duo Bar Sink Strainer, Stainless Steel Body and Basket. Length 1-1/8"041193071194120.348 LB
3784BN12Same as 3784 w/ Brass Nuts041193011732120.380 LB
3784T12Same as 3784 w/ 4" Chrome Plated Tailpiece 041193113511120.619 LB
3785A 12Standard Bar Sink Strainer, Brass Body and Crumb Cup. Length - 2-1/8"041193071200120.496 LB
3785ABN12Same as 3785A w/ Brass Nuts 041193011787120.450 LB
3785AT12Same as 3785A w/ 4" Chrome Plated Tailpiece041193113528120.713 LB
4201-5-3Bar Sink Strainers04119311476110.030 LB
4201-8-11Replacement Basket for 3785A04119311477810.200 LB
4202-2-3 STR SNK WSHR 815B04119311479210.039 LB
774 12Duplex Sink Strainer, Brass Body w/ Flat Stainless Steel Strainer for 2-1/2" Opening041193055187120.390 LB
774A12Tray Plug Sink Basket Strainer, Brass Body w/ Rubber Stopper for 2-1/2" Opening041193049940120.432 LB
774BN 12Same as 774 w/ Brass Nuts041193011725120.415 LB
774T12Same as 774 w/ 4" Chrome Plated Tailpiece041193125422120.613 LB
815B 12Flat Top Sink Basket Strainer, Brass Body and Stainless Steel Strainer. Length - 1-7/8"041193006134120.619 LB
815BT12Same as 815B w/ 4" Chrome Plated Tailpiece041193126634120.920 LB

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