Air-Loc Joint Testers

  • Sleeveless, lightweight aluminum design allows for easy assembly in manholes
  • Independent, adjustable wheels-easy to move
  • Quick-connect control panel is simple to install and remove, plus the top mounting feature won't interfere with laser usage
  • Available with or without control panel and wheel kit
  • Replacement end elements are available
  • Recommended for testing pipe 21" and larger

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
009068JOINT TESTER 36in.6751150090661170.000 LB
009078JOINT TESTER 39in.6751150090731175.000 LB
009098JOINT TESTER 48in.6751150090971230.000 LB
009128JOINT TESTER 66in.6751150091271350.000 LB
009158JOINT TESTER 78in.6751150091581350.000 LB