Long Test-Ball® Plugs


  • Natural-rubber construction provides an excellent seal
  • Compatible with PVC pipes
  • Makes sealing wye fittings easy when performing tests on DWV systems
  • Withstands up to 13 psi or 30 ft. of head pressure
  • Ring and chain assembly help prevent the plug from being drawn into the DWV plumbing system during testing
  • Includes a 3 ft. extension hose with standard car-tire inflation valve

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
271020 2"Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527102911.400 LB
271039 3" Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527103612.120 LB
271047 4"Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527104312.740 LB
2710555" Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527105014.930 LB
2710636" Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527106716.360 LB
2710984"- 6" Long Test-Ball® Plug67511527109814.250 LB