Air-Loc Joint Testers


  • Sleeveless, lightweight aluminum design allows for easy assembly in manholes
  • Independent, adjustable wheels-easy to move
  • Quick-connect control panel is simple to install and remove, plus the top mounting feature won't interfere with laser usage
  • Available with or without control panel and wheel kit
  • Replacement end elements are available
  • Recommended for testing pipe 21" and larger

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
007892VALVE 3 WAY JT ASSEMBLES67511500789500.150 LB
009018JOINT TESTER 21in.675115009011175.000 LB
009028JOINT TESTER 24in.675115009028180.000 LB
009038JOINT TESTER 27in.67511500903511.000 LB
009048JOINT TESTER 30in.6751150090421152.000 LB
009068JOINT TESTER 36in.6751150090661170.000 LB
009088 JOINT TESTER 42in.6751150090801181.000 LB
009098JOINT TESTER 48in.6751150090971230.000 LB
009108JOINT TESTER 54in.1258.000 LB
009118JOINT TESTER 60in.6751150091101371.000 LB
009128JOINT TESTER 66in.6751150091271350.000 LB
009138JOINT TESTER 72in.6751150091341770.000 LB
009158JOINT TESTER 78in.6751150091581350.000 LB
009168JOINT TESTER 84in.6751150091651450.000 LB
009178JOINT TESTER 90in.6751150091721550.000 LB
009188JOINT TESTER 96in.6751150091891600.000 LB
009198JOINT TESTER 102in.6751150091961615.000 LB
009208JOINT TESTER 108in.6751150092021624.000
009228JOINT TESTER 120in.6751150092261650.000 LB
010048PANEL ASSY CONTRL, JT 50PSI H2067511501004809.350 LB
010628GASKET 27"-54" SLVLS TAKE DN JT67511501062800.200 LB
010638GASKET 60"-120" JT67511501063510.250 LB
014838GAUGE 0-100 PSI 2" FLUSH MNT67511501483100.250 LB
024358WHEEL & BASE AY JT 96" & ABOVE67511502435900.000
067008WHEEL ASSY COMP 39-54" SLVLS JT675115067004018.500 LB
086363WHEEL ASSY COMPLETE 21-36" JT675115086364018.500 LB
087602GAUGE,0-60 PSI 4"FLUSH M EAGLE67511508760611.000 LB
296643REGULATOR ASSY,AIR NORGEN67511529664010.150 LB

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