Air-Loc Conversion Kits


  • Converts Muni-Ball plugs to air test plugs
  • Available for line acceptance and/or leak location tests

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Product NumberSizeDescriptionUPCQtyWeight
Hi-Flow Line Acceptance Conversion Kits (3/8" and 3/4" Hi Flow Hose)
041718AIR-TEST CONVKIT 6" HI-FLOW67511504171410.100 LB
041748HI-FLOW, AL, CONV. KIT 2" PLUG QD67511504174512.000 LB
041758 HI-FLOW, AL, CONV. KIT 3" PLUG QD67511504175214.500 LB
041768HI-FLOW, AL, CONV. KIT 4" PLUG QD67511504176911.000 LB
041778HI-FLOW, AL, CON. KIT 2.5" CAP QD67511504177610.271 LB
041788HI-FLOW, AL, CONV. KIT 4" CAP QD67511504178310.200 LB
049108KIT, A/L CONV. 2" CAP QD, HIGH FLOW67511504910911.000 LB
Line Acceptance Conversion (for 3/8" Hoses)
028588KIT, A.L.CONV. 3/4" PLUG Q.D.67511502858611.000 LB
028598KIT, A.L.CONV.1 1/2" PLUG Q.D.67511502859312.940 LB
028608 KIT, A.L.CONV. 2" PLUG Q.D.67511502860910.670 LB
028618KIT, A.L.CONV. 3" PLUG Q.D.67511502861610.670 LB
028628KIT, A.L.CONV. 4" PLUG Q.D.67511502862310.670 LB
028648KIT A/L CONV. 2 1/2" CAP Q.D.67511502864710.670 LB
028668KIT A/L CONV. 4" CAP Q.D.67511502866115.000 LB

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