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Technical Bulletin | Oatey Sure-Vent® Air Admittance Valve Kitchen Applications


March 6th, 2017
Technical Bulletin | Oatey Sure-Vent® Air Admittance Valve
Recommendation for Improved Performance and Reduced Maintenance in Kitchen Applications

Re: Sure-Vent Installation in Kitchen Sink Applications
Within residential DWV systems, kitchen installations can create unique environmental challenges. Depending on layout,
dishwasher and disposal discharge can introduce food particles, grease, oils and elevated water temperatures into the line.
Should food particles and/or grease deposits reach the sealing surface of an air admittance valve, they may negatively impact
the performance of the valve. To properly protect your air admittance valve from in-line hazards, we recommend the following:
- At the first change of direction in the sanitary drain below the air admittance valve, install a long sweep fitting (i.e.
tee/wye or wye with street 45). This directional fitting will redirect particles and water away from the AAV, protecting
its sealing capability. This method of directional drainage is already used in the end outlet and center outlet tubular
If should have any questions concerning these applications, please consult with your Oatey representative or contact Oatey
technical support at (800) 321-9532