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Solvent Cement Selector Web Application


Cleveland, Ohio (November 5, 2012) - Oatey Co., a leader in the plumbing industry since 1916, announced the availability of its free Solvent Cement Selector app for iPhone® and iPad® technology.

The app is designed to assist plumbing professionals in selecting the proper solvent cement depending on their application demands.

The swipe-friendly interface lets users easily browse 26 various Oatey solvent cements, cleaners and primers. A simple tap on any product gives you more detailed information about applications that cement is recommended for, its temperature range and other formulations to consider. Or if you’re not sure which product to use, tap the Help Me Choose button and select by Pipe Type, then by pipe diameter or temperature range. Also included is a link to view and download Safety Data Sheets (SDS), as well as a link to our How to Solvent Weld video. “Long-time Oatey customers will remember the solvent cement ‘wheel’ and the detailed information it provided on our solvent cement products,” said Diane Artman, VP of Marketing and R&D.

“This new web app is the modern day version of that selector wheel, with links to SDS and videos for today’s busy plumbing professionals. With this app, they basically have a brochure, SDS info and how-to videos right at their fingertips. Innovations like these are what solidifies Oatey’s position as the choice of plumbing professionals.” You can find links to the Oatey Solvent Cement Selector app at or you can find it in the iTunes® Store.

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