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Oatey SCS® Launches Redesigned Website for U.S. Customers


Cleveland, Ohio – February 19, 2013 Oatey SCS is pleased to announce the consolidation and redesign of its website. The end result of months of diligent work, the website consolidates the products of our Power of One brands – Cherne, Dearborn Brass, Hercules and Oatey – onto a single website. This is great news for the tens of thousands of monthly visitors as they can now find all the information they are looking for, with one website.

“Just like we did in 2012 with our redesigned catalog, we’ve brought together multiple brands, in one location,” said Dean Field, Global VP of Sales & Marketing. “But the website goes beyond the catalog, bringing together products never combined before, making it easy for customers to find the information they need in one location.”

The new website mirrors the redesigned Oatey SCS catalog, following the same category system. Users can search by product name or number if they are looking for a specific product. They can view newly updated Submittals and Safety Data Sheets quickly and easily. Multiple How-To Video links from our Youtube channel give step-by-step guidance in solvent welding, soldering, and installing shower pan liners, to name just a few. Many more videos are in development and will be launched regularly throughout 2013.

An image library houses various art files that are available for our customers and distributors to use to support their merchandising needs. And hundreds of high resolution product images are ready for download, making it easy for customers to promote Oatey products on their website or catalogs. Further work has already begun on consolidating the company’s international products. Canada, Latin America, India, and China products will soon be added to the site.

“Customers told us about their experience with and gave us numerous suggestions for improvement,” said Dean Field. “We will continue to improve our website and share information and insights as we strive to enhance our customer experience online, and throughout Oatey.”

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Oatey SCS® distributes an unmatched array of more than 6,000 plumbing products. Our stable of brands has built significant equity over the years and is leveraged to penetrate various market segments. Included are Hercules® plumbing chemicals, Cherne® underground and testing equipment, Dearborn® tubular and bath waste products, and Oatey® plumbing supplies.

Oatey Co. is the leading manufacturer of solvent cements, roof flashings, washing machine outlet boxes, air admittance valves, plumbing chemicals, wax bowl rings, and hundreds of other plumbing specialty products. Found in many residential and commercial applications, Oatey products have earned the trust of both plumbing professionals and consumers since 1916. Oatey Co. operates a comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution network, backed by experienced and responsive technical service professionals.

For more information, visit or call (800) 321-9532.