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Oatey SCS® Launches New Oatey Cement Can Labels


Cleveland, Ohio - Oatey SCS is excited to announce the update of its Oatey-brand packaging. 

You will see the new designs on store shelves in the next several weeks as we re-launch our cements in revamped, redesigned packaging. 

The biggest change you will notice is the repositioning of the Oatey logo. What was once small and located almost on the side of the can, is now front and center – centered on the main panel, larger and in our famous Oatey red!  The logo is surrounded by a circle, which
naturally draws the eye to the center of the packaging where the logo and product name is placed.

We are NOT changing the standard cement colors that Oatey instituted decades ago. There will still be purple primers, green heavy duty, and orange CPVC cements. Also, the formulas inside the can have not changed, so professional plumbers will enjoy the same performance they’ve come to expect even if the label looks different.

“The old version of the Oatey cement label had been in circulation for nearly 10 years,” said Dean Field, Global VP of Sales & Marketing. “With the updates we made for GHS compliance, we figured now was the best time to freshen up the labels and restore the Oatey brand to a place of prominence on the can.”

Another subtle upgrade is the extension of the color bar across the bottom of the label. This was done so that no matter how the can is positioned or rotated on the shelf, plumbers will always be able to see the color of the product they’re selecting.

“Research told us that more times than not, customers choose the can by the color,” said Dean Field. “So we wanted to be sure it was easy for them to choose the right cement for the job.”

The redesign will find its way to all packaging updates in 2013 and beyond. From clamps to washing machine outlet boxes, the goal is more shelf impact as well as a clean, standardized look across all of the Oatey plumbing categories.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Oatey SCS® distributes an unmatched array of more than 6,000 plumbing products. Our stable
of brands has built significant equity over the years and is leveraged to penetrate various market segments. Included are Hercules® plumbing chemicals, Cherne® underground and testing equipment, Dearborn® tubular and bath waste products, and Oatey® plumbing supplies.

Oatey Co. is the leading manufacturer of solvent cements, roof flashings, washing machine outlet boxes, air admittance
valves, plumbing chemicals, wax bowl rings, and hundreds of other plumbing specialty products. Found in many residential and commercial applications, Oatey products have earned the trust of both plumbing professionals and
consumers since 1916.  Oatey Co. operates a comprehensive global manufacturing and distribution network, backed by
experienced and responsive technical service professionals. For more information, visit or call (800) 321-9532.